Searching library resources

Start at the Library OPAC:

Log in to your account (to access all services you must sign in)

Your Login =
Password:  As assigned to you by Library

Click the ‘Home’ link in the top left-hand corner of screen to return to the search page

TIP: If at any stage you wish to return to your personalised ‘hub’, click on your name in the top right-hand side of screen

Choose a tab:                   

Search:  searches EBSCO Discovery journal databases and AIC Library holdings

Catalogue:  searches AIC Library holdings only (books, scanned documents and reports)

AIC Publications:  searches for AIC publications only

Search EBSCO Discovery (Quick search):

Enter keyword or phrase and hit ‘Go’

On the results page use the limiters on the left-hand side of screen to narrow your results

Options (Advanced search):

Select the orange ‘Options’ tab for more search options

Select the ‘See more options’ link for advanced search

TIP: Select Boolean/Phrase searching;  Untick the box that asks to ‘Also search within the full text of the articles’ to limit to most relevant results


For targeted search use dropdown options

For advanced search, select the link at the top left-hand side of screen

Retrieve full text:

Many items are available in full text. Those that aren’t have a ‘Request Item’ option. Choose this to pull up a new screen that autocompletes an interlibrary loan request.

TIP: If you see a message that says ‘We found no match on the journal database (we may not be able to supply’ - ignore and submit your request as normal.

Saving and emailing search results:

If you would like to learn about saving or emailing your search results using EBSCO folders, contact Marissa in the Library for assistance x6967.

Log in to your account:

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